A Lash Lift is a lash treatment that focuses on boosting your existing lashes. Lash lifts are non-invasive, in that we don’t add anything to your lashes, rather, we shape them. Our signature Lash Lift will give your natural lashes an upward curl, adding length, body and of course, impact. While everybody’s lashes are different, a Lash Lift may last for up to eight weeks. 

Before Your Lash Lift

When you are prepping for your Lash Lift, we recommend specific steps a week before, the day before and the day of.

A week before you should:

- Remove Eyelash Extensions

- No Curling of Lashes

- No Waterproof Mascara

On the day of your appointment:

- No Eye Makeup

- No Mascara

- No Eye Shadow

- No Eyeliner

- Remove Your Contact Lenses

After Lash Lift

After your Lash Lift, we recommend giving your lashes at least 24 hours to relax and settle. This means no water, steam, mascara, creams or oils on your lashes. Once the 24 hours has passed, you are good to go without restrictions. 

To Learn More, read our Lash Lift FAQ.