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Best Lash Extensions, Santa Monica LA 

#1 Eyelash Extensions near Santa Monica, LA

Looking for Eyelash Extensions near Santa Monica, LA? Don't wait to get your lash extensions. Enhance your natural look, add volume to your lashes, and wake up looking fabulous - call today or book online.

> Award Winning Expert Lash Artists

> Clean Beauty Products

> 5-Star Rated

> 71+ Local Reviews

Our Purpose

The models you see on our website are actual clients of Lashlette

Our Eyelash Extensions Santa Monica, LA Will Make You Look And Feel Beautiful!

Award-winning Expert Lash Artists with over 10 years of experience, Lashlette offers the best in and around Santa Monica, LA. Get a full set of eyelash extensions in Los Angeles at the most competitive prices and become your own expert.

We make sure that you get access to the latest trends in beauty so that you never feel out of date or left behind. Whether it's a new set of lashes or a new facial treatment, we always keep up with the latest so that you can look and feel your best!

Luxurious surroundings, a soothing environment, and state-of-the-art equipment are just a few things that will make your experience at Lashlette all the more enjoyable. Visit us today and let us help you be your own beauty expert!

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*Actual Client After Lash Extensions & Hydrafacial®

Lashlette Lash Extension Reviews
Santa Monica, LA

Our Process for First Time Eyelash Extensions at Lashlette

At Lashlette, we consider your natural beauty first, and use this to help you select the right lashes. We always start with a personal consultation to understand your natural eye shape, size, and condition of your existing lashes. together, we will decide on the perfect look with customized length, fullness, and curl.

We size your extensions based on your real lashes to prevent damage or breakage while keeping the integrity of your natural lashes healthy.  

Lashlette’s Natural Lash Treatment embraces your natural beauty with a style that looks and feels like you. 


What Lashlette considers when selecting eyelash extensions:


• Your eye shape – almond, upturned, downturned, round, protruding

• The size of your eyes – large, small or in-between

• Your eyelids – mono-lids and hooded eyelids have different considerations than other lid types

• The orientation of your eyes – deep set, wide set, close set

• Your eye color

• The qualities of your natural lashes – their length, volume, color and curl (if any)

• Your preferences – a natural look vs. a glamorous or dramatic look

• Any allergies or sensitivities you may have

• Your tolerance for upkeep

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More Services We Offer in Santa Monica, LA

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Our client has no make up on or filters. We provided Lashes Extension and a Hydrafacial®.

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Eyelash Extensions and More near 
Santa Monica, LA

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We specialize in providing the most natural-looking lash extensions and the best customer experience in the industry. 

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Hydrafacials®' revolutionary process gives you a fresh, healthy, beautiful complexion with each and every visit.

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Our signature Lash Lift treatment will give your lashes an upward curl and boost length, body, and volume.

Don't settle for less-than-perfect eyelash extensions near Santa Monica, LA.

Lashlette's makeup artists are experts in finding the perfect makeup and beauty products to bring out your natural beauty. Let us take care of you from head to toe!

Look your best, feel your best. Lashlette is the go-to place for anything eyelash related. From extensions to a brow wax, you'll find the best in LA.

Get the perfect look, without the long wait.


At Lashlette, we use a variety of techniques and products to provide our clients with the best and most natural results possible. With a team of highly-trained, certified lash artists and experts on staff, we promise that you'll love the way your lashes look.

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Lashlette Model and Client

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Santa Monica, LA

An instant mascara and lash curler effect. Results last 6-8 Weeks.

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  • How are lash extensions applied?
    Our air-light lash extensions are applied individually, one by one, 1mm away from the eyelid, and never directly on the skin. They are applied to your natural eyelashes using a medical-grade and formaldehyde-free adhesive. Lash extensions come in different lengths, thicknesses, and curls, results can vary from very subtle and natural to very noticeable and dramatic.
  • Will I lose my own lashes?
    No. We care about the integrity of your lashes. We take every precaution and adhere to proper care, safety and health regulations. We also work with you to maintain proper lash care post application. We take extra care of your eyes, because we care. Lashes like all hair goes through cycles of release, we lose our lashes naturally just being human. Washing your lashes twice a day (morning & night) is highly recommended and as long as you refrain from rubbing your eyes or tugging at the extensions you will not lose your own lashes.
  • How long does the procedure take?
    The procedure can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a forty minutes depending on the service received.
  • Are eyelash extensions bad or harmful?
    No, eyelash extensions are no worse than applying mascara. The biggest myth is that lash extensions ruin your own lashes. They do not. If applied correctly and properly, they are safe and will not ruin the health of your natural lashes. Be sure not to rub your eyes or tug or pull on the extensions because this can cause lash loss and even damage to your natural lashes.
  • Do eyelash extensions feel heavy?
    Our Lash extensions should feel as light as your regular lashes. You shouldn't feel any tugging or a sense of your lashes being weighed down. Mascara weighs more than our extensions.
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